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Commercial Overhead Door – Superior Garage Door Repair

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In Minneapolis, MN, Overhead Doors is available to assist you if your business needs commercial overhead door service or repair. The commercial sectional overhead door company sells, installs, replaces, and repairs everything from counter shutters to sweeps, from security grilles to rolling doors and fire doors. Our commercial overhead door company is family-owned with over years of history. For all your commercial overhead door service needs, our team at Superior Garage Door Repair has the knowledge and experience.

Regular Commercial Overhead Door Repairs

You should take a closer look if you notice your overhead door is not working or is making jerky movements or stalling. We have compiled a list of five of the most common garage door issues.

A damaged roller:

Rollers help the garage door glide along the tracks because they are attached to each panel. Nylon or metal rollers are usually available. With time, nylon and plastic rollers tend to wear down, resulting in smaller rollers that are more prone to popping off the track. Rust occurs on metal rollers. These need to be replaced.

Damaged torsion spring:

Above the garage door is a torsion spring that can be damaged. This component is responsible for raising and lowering the garage door. The motion lasts 10,000 cycles, with each round consisting of two ups and downs. Especially in humid environments, tension springs can rust. When you notice problems with your torsion spring, you should call us promptly to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Cable damage:

Extension or torsion springs used to operate your garage. Broken cables mean your door will not move if it has a torsion spring. The cables are an added safety feature when you have extension springs on a horizontal track. You can tell if your torsion-spring garage has taken damage by the sound of squeaks and shaking. Verify whether the cable is frayed, rusted, or pinched if you have extension springs. In case of damage, replace the cable. Call us.


The metal tracks on either side of your garage door allow it to move up and down. Misalignment, denting, or bent tracks can make it difficult for the door to open and close. A professional can often straighten out the tracks if you catch the problem early. If you ignore the problem, you may have to replace your door. Call our experts to help you.

Damage to panels: Overhead doors are susceptible to damage from heavy impacts. You can replace them when they get damaged. Alternatively, you have to replace the whole door.

Maintenance Services for Commercial Garage Doors

Maintaining your commercial garage doors can extend their lifespan if they don’t need repairs. Keep your doors in good condition by regularly inspecting and maintaining them. By avoiding extensive overhead door repairs down the line, you may be able to save money.

  • Track cleaning: Make sure the metal tracks on the rollers are clean and free of debris, rust, and grime. We use a wet cloth to wipe off any dirt. Use a level to make sure the vertical track is parallel as you clean it. If necessary, you can repair minor dents. Seek our professional assistance if your tracks seem misaligned. Call our professionals for your garage door maintenance.
  • Make sure to lubricate every two to six months all metal components of your doors. We wipe off any excess sauce after spraying a silicone spray on all metal parts. If any metal filings appear, you may want to look closely.
  • If your cables have strands that are broken, inspect them to see if they need replacement. We Inspect pulleys to make sure they are working properly.
  • We may need to tighten loose bolts if your garage door is continually up and down. Make sure no bolts are loose on the track brackets, as well as the screws that hold the opener to the track.
  • If your door is unbalanced, your opener is forced to work harder and eventually damaged. You may not notice the damage right away, but an unbalanced door will eventually damage your home. Disconnect the door opener from the door while closed to test the counterbalance. Halfway open the door. The door should stay open on its own when it’s partially or fully open. Any issues can mean a problem with the springs.

We Repair a Variety of Commercial Overhead Doors

Start your business or set up your new facility by choosing Overhead Doors, the leader in reliable commercial overhead door installations and repairs. In addition to roll-up sheet doors, overhead sectional doors, and other doors, we have experts for commercial glass garage doors who are specially trained to maintain and repair commercial doors In Minneapolis, MN.

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