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Double Garage Door Installation – Not Just The Look, It’s a Feeling

The Comprehensive Guide to Double Garage Door Installation

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your garage with a double door? Excellent choice! Double garage doors not only add aesthetic value to your home, but they also provide more convenience and security. Let’s dive deep into the process, ensuring you get the perfect installation for your home.

What is a Double Garage Door?

Simply put, a double garage door covers the width of two single garage doors. They are typically around 16 feet wide, providing ample space for two vehicles side by side.

Advantages of a Double Garage Door


  • Park two vehicles side by side with ease.
  • No need to maneuver around a central pillar as with two single doors.


  • Provides a more cohesive and polished look to the exterior of your home.
  • Can be customized to fit the architectural style of your house.


  • Double doors often come with better locking mechanisms.
  • Reduced gaps mean fewer points of potential entry for intruders.

Components of Double Garage Door Installation

Frame and Track Installation

  • A strong frame is crucial to support the larger door.
  • Properly aligned tracks ensure smooth operation of the door.

Spring and Pulley System

  • A more robust spring system is needed due to the door’s weight.
  • Ensure the springs are tensioned correctly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Garage Door Cable Installation

  • The cables should be of the highest quality to handle the door’s weight.
  • They should be regularly inspected for wear and replaced as needed.

Door Panel Setup

  • Door panels must align perfectly to achieve a seamless look.
  • Proper insulation is crucial for energy efficiency, especially in colder climates like Minneapolis.

Double Garage Door Installation: Step by Step

  • Prepare the Opening: Make sure the garage door opening is of the right size. It should be a bit wider and higher than the door you’re installing.
  • Install the Tracks: Ensure they are perfectly vertical and their horizontal sections are in line.
  • Attach the Door Panels: Start from the bottom and work your way up. Secure each section with brackets.
  • Install the Spring and Pulley System: This will help in the smooth movement of the door. Ensure proper tension in the springs.
  • Garage Door Cable Installation: Attach the cables, making sure they’re neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Check the Alignment: Once the door is installed, check its alignment by opening and closing it a few times. Make any necessary adjustments.

Maintaining Your Double Garage Door

After your garage door installation, maintenance is essential. Regular checks ensure the longevity of your Minneapolis Garage Door. Look out for:

  • Signs of wear in cables and springs.
  • Misaligned tracks.
  • Gaps in the door’s seal.
  • Regularly lubricate moving parts.

When to Seek Professional Help

There will be times when DIY just won’t cut it. Always consult professionals if:

  • The door doesn’t open or close smoothly.
  • You hear unusual noises during operation.
  • The garage door doesn’t align properly.
Do’s Don’ts
Do check springs regularly. Don’t ignore strange noises.
Do lubricate moving parts. Don’t force a misaligned door.
Do inspect door alignment. Don’t delay cable repairs.

Safety Protocols for Double Garage Door Installation

  • Avoid DIY When Uncertain

While the DIY route can be tempting due to potential cost savings, safety must always be a priority. There are specific risks involved in the installation of a double garage door, especially if you’re not familiar with the process or lack the right tools.

  • Heavy Lifting: Double garage doors are heavy. Without the right equipment or assistance, there’s a risk of personal injury.
  • Spring Tension: Improper handling of torsion springs can be dangerous, leading to sudden releases of tension.
  • Electrical Hazards: If your garage door comes with an electric opener, incorrect handling can lead to shocks.
  • Always Read the Manual

Every double garage door comes with a manufacturer’s manual. It’s essential to follow this guide as it provides:

  • Step-by-step Instructions: Even if you’re experienced, the manual can offer specific insights for the particular door model.
  • Safety Tips: Manufacturers often highlight potential hazards and how to avoid them.
  • Maintenance Guide: Learn how to prolong the life of your door by following routine check-ups listed in the manual.

The Environmental Impact of Your Double Garage Door

Modern double garage doors are often designed with energy efficiency in mind. An energy-efficient door can significantly impact your home’s overall insulation and energy consumption, especially in places with extreme seasonal temperatures.

Choose Superior Garage Door Repair for Your Installation Needs

Having a top-notch double garage door installation is imperative for safety, functionality, and aesthetics. As someone representing Superior Garage Door Repair, I can vouch for our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Our experience in the Minneapolis, MN area means we know just what our local customers need. From garage door cable installation to full double garage door setups, we have you covered.

Remember, when you think of a reliable and top-tier Minneapolis Garage Door solution, think Superior Garage Door Repair. We’re more than just a service; we’re your garage door partner.

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