Garage Door Spring Replacement

Wondering why you need to perform a torsion spring replace? Spring is an essential part of a garage door, even though it may last less than other parts. More so, wear and tear is the primary reason for broken springs.

Garage door springs aid the smooth operation of the door by allowing it to open and close manually or by using an automated garage door opener.  So what is the best thing to do when you notice that your garage door is becoming weak and less effective? You may need to call on an expert company that replaces the garage door immediately.

First of all, you must understand that there are different types of springs, and they come in a different capacity as well. It may be 20,000-use or 10,000 uses. Hence, the more you open your garage door, the more the useful life of its spring draws nearer. This critical garage door component’s limited lifespan is one of the many reasons you may need to replace it entirely.


How to Know If Your Garage Door Spring Has Failed


One of the problems many homeowners face is how to ascertain whether their garage door torsion spring needs replacement. That is why it is necessary to know the symptoms of a failing spring.


When the Garage Door Weighs More Than It Should


Garage door extension springs are designed to enable you to lift the door with ease. It suppresses the door’s weight, and it can be opened with less than 10 pounds of force. But when the spring begins to lose its resiliency, the garage door starts to “weigh” more than expected and requires more force to lift it open.


Too much noise


Another sign of an aging garage door spring is when it makes a loud noise when the door closes or opens. A failing spring causes the door opener to strain at it attempts to force it open or close. At this point, the garage door is no longer safe to operate, and an urgent garage door spring replacement is needed. This is because the safety cable, winding bar, and spring tension have worn out completely.

When a spring breaks suddenly, the door might slam shut violently. And it will suddenly become so heavy that you wouldn’t be able to lift it open with an automatic door opener. Broken springs cannot be repaired. You have to immediately replace the springs if you must continue using the garage door in a safe condition.

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Types of garage door spring

There are two types of springs like torsion springs and extension springs available in the garage door. You will find out torsion springs above the door on a metal rod. The torsion spring applies torque to drums available at the end of this rod. These drums attach to the garage door’s cables, which are linked to the bottom fixture of the door itself. When the door is closing, the spring applies torque to the drums by winding. Similarly, the spring applies torque to the drums by unwinding, when the door is opening.

Like torsion spring, extension springs also supply the power to lift the garage door. But it requires multiple springs. You will find out this type of spring on the sides of the door. Extension springs also include a safety cable that prevents it from becoming dangerous flying projectiles when they snap or break.

Same Day Garage Door Spring Replacement in MN

If your garage door spring isn’t lifting your door properly, then it is the right time to get in touch with us. Superior Garage door and Gate is here to help you out! Our certified technicians will fix the issue regarding the broken spring of your garage door with our same-day garage door spring replacement service. To get more details and to request a free quote, please call us on 612-400-8848. Keeping your garage door functioning is our prime attention.

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