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Garage Door Trends In 2019 – What Are The Garage Door Trends?

Garage doors are a great way to make your home more attractive and make it safer. A good garage door can improve home security while making it look like it’s not out of place. There are various garage doors available for you at Superior Garage Door Repair. Our team will make sure you get the best garage door trends in 2019 Minneapolis has ever seen.

We are the only company in the whole of Minneapolis, MN, that has access to the best products in the market, and we also have the best servicemen in the whole industry. The garage door trends in 2019 have remained the same to this date.

Garage Door Trends In 2019 – 5 Garage Door Trends To Look Out For

The garage door trends in 2019 that continue to dominate the market are:

  • Bold colors

Garage door trends in 2019 were and continue to be all about bold, dark colors. These colors are used for the garage door and the front doors, window frames, and other finer details of one’s home. Excellent bold color for your garage door makes a statement of its own and will increase your home’s curb appeal. Other lighter colors are also an option but you need to make sure they match the color of your home.

  • Add windows to your garage

Garage door windows are becoming trendier by the second. This is due to new materials that help with insulation. Windows are a good way of letting exterior light get in and making your garage door more attractive. People are parking their cars outside their homes and they are also using their garages as indoor gyms, offices, playrooms, and many other things.

  • Modern, eco-friendly, and finishes

There has also been a spike in people making more modern and customized finishes to their garage doors. Homeowners have realized that decorating their garages can also impact how people see their homes. Some homeowners, for example, are using all-glass garage doors for a flashier look. The materials are also changing from steel and wood to vinyl and fiberglass.

  • Latest technology

With the new advances in technology, homeowners opt for automation of their homes. They are even integrating innovative technology with their homes! Many of the most well-known brands are already offering products that anyone can control from their smartphones; some cars also have that option! For example, LiftMaster with the MyQ app can help you monitor your garage from your home and setting it up, so the garage door opens and closes by itself by connecting the smart car to the garage!

Garage Door Trends – What Else Can You Learn?

We have plenty of other articles on our web page talking about different topics. The purpose of all of these articles is for our customers to learn about the industry and us.  For example, by reading our articles, you can learn the 10 misbeliefs about garage door repair. You can think that to learn the 10 misbeliefs about garage door repair is a waste of time, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Learning about such things can help you understand more about the industry and the products you buy. For example, not always will the repair cost be lower than the garage door installation cost paired with a new garage door. Sometimes the damage done to a garage door is so much that combining the garage door installation cost and the new garage door because of the damage it sustained due to poor maintenance.

You can also learn more about us and our services, how we have improved and set new industry standards over the years, or about the latest products that have been released to the market that may interest you!

Garage Door Services – Why Don’t You Call Us?

Superior Garage Door Repair has the best garage doors in Minneapolis. We can give you the best garage door trends in 2019 to help you choose the trendiest option! Our employees are well versed in the latest trends and the best products in the market so they will be able to advise you with any situation that may present itself.

Whether you need help with a residential garage door or a commercial garage door, don’t think about it and call us! We are more than happy to help you! Please contact us and get service from the best garage door company in Minneapolis, MN! You can get in touch with us through our email or our phone, one of our employees will answer you as soon as possible!

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