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How To Open A Garage Door Manually From The Inside And Outside

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There is always the possibility of you getting home in the middle of a storm and needing to open a garage door manually.

Since, in these situations, if you need to open a garage door manually, there is no electricity if your garage doors don’t have a backup battery, there is no other choice. But now the issue is, how do you open a garage door manually?

If you need to open garage door manually from the inside is easy. Do:

  • Unlock the door, find any latches or locks that might be closed and make sure they are open
  • Unplug the opener, disconnect the opener from the power source
  • Find the emergency release cord, locate the emergency cord. It usually has a red handle and hangs from the center rail (only use it if the door is closed)
  • Pull the cord; once you pull the thread, it should disconnect from the trolley and allow you to open the door manually
  • Lift the garage door, draw straight from the bottom until the garage door stops moving. Ensure it is well placed and doesn’t move before letting it go.
  • Close the door and pull down the garage door gently and close it.

To open a garage door manually from the outside is another story; you will have to follow these instructions:

  • Locate the emergency release kit at the top of your garage door; you should find a small lock. Inside, you will find the release cable. You should have a key to open the lock.
  •  Unlock the emergency release cord. Once the lock is opened, pull the line, this will put your door in manual mode
  •  Unlock the garage door; another lock will be near the emergency release kit.
  • Unlock the door and turn the handle vertical.
  • Lift the door, pull the garage door straight up. Make sure it stays open before doing anything else.
  • Close the door and, once inside, pull the garage door down.

Open A Garage Door Manually – Safety Tips To Open Your Garage Door Manually

Opening a garage door by hand can be dangerous, so we have some tips for you on how to avoid any damage to yourself or your garage door:

  • Unplug the automatic door opener. If the power suddenly comes back when you are trying to manually open or reconnect your garage might be a tricky situation as the opener might try and open the door while following the afore mentioned steps.
  • If you disengage the trolley and the garage door doesn’t move, you might have a spring problem. Given that situation, you should contact us; you will need professional help to work on the springs.
  • Don’t pull the emergency release when the door is open. If the door is available when you release the emergency release, it can come crashing down, damaging the door itself or anything below it. We recommend you call us at Superior Garage Door Repair if that happens or wait until the power comes back.
  • Please don’t leave the open door unattended. When the door has been disengaged from the automatic opener, nothing will be keeping the garage door from slamming shut. Keep the doorway clear so that you can avoid any unnecessary accidents. Close the garage door as soon as possible.
  • Use the manual lock; when a power outage happens, the automatic safety of some garage doors becomes inactive. You should slide the manual lock on to keep your home secure.
  • Watch for issues. If, after reconnecting it, you notice the door shaking or moving unevenly, contact us! One of our professionals will be sent to your location and help you.

Open A Garage Door Manually – About Us!

At Superior Garage Door Repair, we are proud to share all the knowledge we can with our customers so that they can take a DIY approach to some of the less dangerous aspects of garage door maintenance.

It is unlikely that other companies in Minneapolis, MN will teach you how to maintain and operate your garage door. We have plenty of articles about different topics like how to reset the code of a garage door opener.

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If you need other topics, you can look for a perfect guide to follow on our website. So, if you need a garage door repair company in Minneapolis, MN, don’t doubt it and call Superior Garage Door Repair! We will be more than happy to be at your service!

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