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Overhead Door Opener – What Is It?

An overhead door opener is a motorized or automatic machine that opens and closes the garage door. These machines are attached to the ceiling or side of the garage alongside switches or triggers which, when pressed can on its slide, open the doors. Used by many owners, they come with a remote control that can be carried along. These remotes, when pressed, trigger the overhead door opener to open or close. The remotes can generally only work within a short distance. Created in 1926 it became popular after the second world war.

Overhead Door Opener – The Different Types Of Garage Door Openers

These garage door openers have become a must-have for most homes they are effective and can be used for commercial and residential necessities. In this field, there are five types of garage door openers. They are

Chain drive opener: They have a bicycle like a chain connected to the trolley and the motor. These are one of the most affordable options for users, but with their cheap prices comes a lot of noise

The belt drive openers: They come with a rubber belt that stands in place of a chain. These are slightly more expensive than the chain openers. They are equally long-lasting with the added benefit of quietness

The screw drive openers: They come with a long screw fixed internally to the track with a connecting trolley. This generally requires limited maintenance; however, they might not be so good for a place with a sharp temperature change. They can be noisy but are the fastest overhead door opener choice

The drive openers: These come with a trolley and an internal preinstalled motor. They use a gear wheel to set the trolley over the fixed chain. These are the most noiseless Overhead door opener since only the motor moves. They are valued similar to the belt drive openers but come with a lifetime warranty

The jackshaft openers: These are mounted on the wall at one end of the torsion bar. This is a quiet and durable choice perfect for overhead doors. However, this is possibly the most expensive type on the list

Purchase From Us – The Benefits!

If you are yet to get yourself one of these automatic overhead door openers and you doubt the benefits attached to it, here are some we regard as professional benefits for the everyday user

Convenience: One thing technology has granted man is convenience and ease. This is one such point, and for any garage owner having an overhead door opener can be exceedingly useful on tired days or days with bad weather

Security: These openers offer added security since they ensure that they are done properly when the doors are shut. Also, they ensure that doors are closed and opened quickly for easy passage

Bodily safety: These are excellent for the sick, elderly and even the everyday people. An overhead door opener getting the garage door opener will not lead you to any further medical or bodily harm

Maintenance and long term benefit: They are surprisingly very easy to maintain. Even with the cost of getting them, they are generally very long-lasting. Hence, in the long run, you are enjoying more benefits

Garage Door Openers– The Installation Process

A garage door team will most likely run through the following steps to give you an effective overhead door opener

  • First, they will note if your garage door is suitable for the process. Once you already have an overhead door, you are good to go
  • You will have to decide on the opener type for you. An experienced team can recommend it, but the choice is yours
  • The garage door will have to be serviced before the process can go on. This is primarily to disconnect any other mechanism set for locking and unlocking. And also to ensure that the door itself is in good working condition
  • Layout the parts and connect the main assembly of the opener
  • The blocking will be mounted on the ceiling
  • Mount the header bracket and connect the assembly
  • Add on the rest of the features
  • Test run

A Big Name In The Industry – Who We Are And Where To Find Us!

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