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Best Garage Door Openers still hit in 2020

The garage doors occupy a considerable front space of your property. And these have a crucial role to play in assuring the security and the aesthetics of your home. When it is about the functionality of your garage door, the significance of the openers is undeniable. Your garage door goes through heavy wear and tear throughout the year. That is why you need to choose the opener device carefully so it can deal with the workload.

However, if you want to learn more about different garage door openers, you have come to the right place. The info in the following passages can help you make an informed decision while choosing, repairing, or replacing a garage door opener.

Best Garage Door Openers still hit in 2020

Popular garage door openers available on the market

Before learning more about different features of a garage door opener, let’s check out some of the popular garage door openers in the following passages. It will help you choose the best suitable garage door opener within your budget and as per your needs. In general, the main four types of garage door openers have a motor for moving the trolley. The trolley connects to the door. And when you activate the device, it elevates or lowers the garage door. The thing that defines the difference between each type of opener is the driving utility. Check this out in detail in the following passages.


Chain-driven openers


It is affordable, durable. That is why it is a popular option. These are very resilient and strong and are suitable for older doors. A chain-drive garage door opener comes with a metal chain that drives the trolley to elevate and lower the door. However, since it operates with a metal chain, the garage door opener is noisy. Therefore, these are a better option for business places or for a garage that is away from the house.


Belt-driven openers


Unlike the chain drive openers, the belt-drive garage door openers make less vibration and noise. It is because this opener involves a rubber belt to move the trolley. It can be a better choice for the garage attached to the house. It won’t cause any noise and disturbance. Also, the rubber belt movements are smoother. That is why it doesn’t require frequent maintenance. The belt drive openers are a little bit more expensive than the chain-driven alternatives.


Screw driven openers


Screw-drive garage door openers are the fastest garage door openers. These are two times faster than chain-driven alternatives. The other advantages are reliability and durability. Screw driven openers use a threaded steel rod to operate the trolley. Thus, the rod rotates like a screw to lift the door. It means there are fewer working parts. Therefore, these will need fewer repairs.


However, the thing is that the screw drive openers need regular lubrication. It is necessary to keep it functioning well since the crucial disadvantage is the overworking screw threads. The screw drive openers produce less noise and are smoother than the chain drives. Therefore, these are suitable for all types of properties, especially in domestic fields.


The other types of garage door openers are jackshaft garage door openers, direct-drive garage door openers, etc. The garage door professionals can help you choose the right opener for your garage door.