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Garage Door Design Trends – We Have The Latest Models

Superior Garage Door Repair specializes in the latest garage door design trends in the market, with the best quality. One trend that is gaining more momentum is the need for home security. From smart home security to hardened entry points and enhanced access systems, 2021 is all about achieving peace of mind and prioritizing safety. We offer technology so you can manage your doors from your phone.

Besides, garage door design trends will continue to lean toward a sleek and sensible aesthetic with designs that favor contemporary styling. To better complement modern architectural design for indoor and outdoor spaces, garage door design trends that feature clean lines provide an uninterrupted flow between these environments.

Homeowners also understand the importance of functionality along with aesthetics. As such, garage door design trends with premium insulation and durability are a top priority in addition to aesthetics.

We combine high-end aesthetics and durable construction on garage door design trends. The 5800 offers a striking recessed panel option and multiple color and detail options. The open panel features a unique thin-striped panel with a bold hollow seal design, allowing homeowners to get a carport-style garage door while benefiting from the low maintenance and durability of steel.

These residential garage door design trends come in various stunning designs that include new wood grain textures of red walnut or gray. If you need more information contact us.

Heres How To Prepare Your Garage Door For Summer – Smart Solutions

Carrying out your daily chores becomes quite unpleasant, especially when the humidity level is high. Sweltering days here in Minneapolis are certainly a problem if you like to spend your free time in the garage.

Without air conditioning in your garage, your temperature can be as much as 10-18°F warmer than the temperature outside.

Whether you like to spend time in the garage exercising, working on vehicles, crafting, or using it as a workshop, it’s no fun when oven-like garage temperatures keep you from enjoying one of your passions. It’s time to beat the heat with some innovative garage cooling solutions to improve your comfort level.

Heres How To Prepare Your Garage Door For Summer – Emergency Kit

Insulating your garage doors with insulation kits also makes your garage door stronger, as the insulation helps strengthen the door and makes it less susceptible to dents from accidental bumps or other damage from natural elements.

Insulation kits also reduce noise when opening and closing your garage door and reduce noise from outside the door. Insulation allows you to use your garage for your favorite hobbies or recreationally, making it a comfortable environment no matter the weather. When looking for an insulation kit, look for one with a high R-value.

How To Open A Garage Door Manually During A Power Outage – We Will Help Us

There are rare occasions when you may encounter a garage door that you need to open manually. Perhaps you’re dealing with a power outage, or your garage door motor isn’t working, and you need to get to work. The last thing you want to do is damage your door while trying to pull your vehicle out.

  • Here are the steps to get your door open smoothly.
  • The entry must be in the down position.
  • Pull the emergency release cable.
  • Manually move the garage door and return it to the down position.
  • Pull the emergency release cable toward the door.
  • Reconnect the trolley to the opener carriage.

If you need more information about how to open a garage door manually during a power outage, contact us at Superior Garage Door Repair.

Garage Door Design Trends – New Technology

This last time they have added new things. First, there are small windows at the top of your standard garage door. Your garage door will most likely be the first thing you see as you pull into your driveway and out of your car. First impressions are essential. Steel garage doors were a classic choice in 2020 and will continue through 2021.

Usually designed for functionality rather than style, steel doors come with excellent durability and thermal insulation ratings. And lastly, Wi-Fi openers for smart houses have become more acute as time goes on, and as we know, with all the time we spent at home in 2020, technology is being used more than ever.

Enriching your innovative home system, or even starting to shift to a more internet-driven home, can significantly enhance your home experience with the help of a Wi-Fi opening system. Some products do more than open your garage door wirelessly via a mobile device. You can customize them to your preferred home access routine.

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