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Overhead Door Remotes – What Is It?

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Overhead door remote is a control key used in locking and gaining access into your garage. They are handy and simple to use by anyone, irrespective of your tech prowess. The most interesting part is that the overhead door remotes give you convenience and doesn’t require you to get down from your car to open the garage. With a single punch on the remote, you gain entry to your garage.

Remotes R’ Us – Types Of Garage Door Remotes

When talking of overhead door remotes, there are different garage door remotes that you can consider for security and convenience. Each of these garage overhead door remotes comes with its specifications

Universal remote:

When considering overhead door remotes for your new garage doors, you can make use of this type. The system can control two garage doors at the same time. With its control button, you can turn on your garage door light or home light. The universal remote comes with a visor clip and is very handy

Master remote:

You can use this old garage door opener remote for its three buttons. It has a sleek design and LED light indicator. Its function is spontaneous and easy to handle and control. You can use this remote control with both the CodeDodger 1 and 2. You can fix this remote to your car visor for ease of use

3 Button remote (OCDTR-3):

This remote is elegant and fashionable in its design, and its buttons are handy in use. It is compatible with the CodeDodger security system. This remote can send codes of different combinations to dissuade thieves from trying different codes to access it. Besides batteries, it has a protective coating to keep it out of the sun

3 Button remote (O3T):

This choice of overhead door remotes are designed with an aerodynamic that gives resistance to liquid substances from causing damage. It has three buttons on it which help you use and operate it easily together with a three garage door. It has CodeDodger technology in it, which makes it compatible to operate any CodeDodger garage door

Key chain garage remote:

This remote can be rectangular or square. As the name suggests, it comes with a chain attached to your car. You are very likely to lose it despite its ease of use

Visor clip remote:

In the overhead door remotes, the visor clip remote is very common in use. It can be attached to the sun visor of the car. The range of its use is about 100 feet

Remote transmitters:

This is just like the TV set remote control, it is portable, and that does not require it being attached to anything, either to the car or keys. It comes with one of two buttons for its control

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Overhead Door Remotes – Benefits Of Using It

There are an array of benefits that comes with the use of overhead door remotes, and they are

  • It gives you convenience and reduces your effort in having to open the door or close it manually. While sitting in your car, you can open it to gain entrance
  • With remotes, you don’t go about with your house keys. All you need is either the garage remote, your phone, or keypad codes
  • It helps to give your home adequate security. If your remote comes with a vacation mode, you will use it to secure your garage with a special code to prevent unlawful entrance to your home
  • It gives your home some aesthetics
  • Your home is more valuable because of it
  • It is a safe and secure means

The Installation Process

Are you considering installing overhead door remotes to your garage or want an upgrade from manual? You need a company’s assistance like Superior Garage Door Repair to proficiently handle it for you and get it installed. An individual or a technical novice can not handle the installation. There are requirements that only professionals can expertly handle, thus choose us for the work.

Who We Are And Where To Find Us

Superior Garage Door Repair is a company that deals in the repair, installation of various garage overhead door remotes. We also help in servicing garage doors that are not working properly. We are located in St Paul, MN. Contact today through our website at   to get reliable overhead door remotes services. We respond promptly without disappointment.

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