DIY- Garage Door Issues Garage Door Won’t Close Down – Two Possible Issues

The Garage Door Opener has 2 Safety Functions that will prevent the garage door from moving down. The first will be the Safety Eyes and The Second the Force.

Safety Eyes:

if the safety eyes are not aligned or have something blocking them, your garage door will not be able to close.

How do I know the issue is with the safety eyes?
In Most opener but in specific to Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and Craftsman when the garage door opener will try to close it will bounce back up and make a clicking noise, and if the light is connected it will flash 4 times, that an indicator that the sensors are not working properly\ not aligned or something is blocking.

Steps: make Sure you have Steady lights on both Sensors, if the light is flashing fast that means the sensor is not aligned and you should giggle it.

If one of the lights(on the sensor) doesn’t work check the wires to that light and see they are properly connected.
Once you have Both lights on, the garage door should close.
A common issue to happen is when the sunlight is hitting the sensor(that is receiving the signal) that will interrupt the signal and in that case, will suggest Switching between the sensors(at this point will recommend a professional guy to do)


DIY - Safety Eyes

Prior to checking the force will suggest checking the door manually to see that it works smoothly open and close.
The force is the second Safety function to prevent an injury\ liability
As a second function, every opener has a force limit in case the safety eye missed the object, once the force will feel an objection on the door it will stop the opener from continuing pushing down, that is to prevent the garage door from going down and cruising an object, a force can be tested by giving the garage door an objection and it’s supposed to bounce back up once triggered.
If the force is what causes the issue you can depend on the year and model it can be adjusted.
On old openers, the force is done Manually by using a screwdriver to adjust how much force from 1-9
If you have an old opener it should be located in the back of it and will have an arrow up(For force lifting the door)
And Arrow Down(For force when closing the door) try to add force to the opener and see if that helps

On newer models, you will have two light arrows and a black button in between them, on those the force works differently.

You will hold the middle button for 3 seconds till you hear a beep, then the arrow up will flash and you will hold on to it and adjust the opener towards the upper location you desire it to stop(Travel Limit Up)
Then you will lock it in the desired position by pressing the middle button in between the arrows.
Now the arrow down is flushing, you will hold on to it till you got to the desired location to close the door(Travel limit Down)
Third: now comes to the Automatic force(Verses doing it manually on the older openers now its been done automatically)
The arrow up will flash again now you only press once on the arrow up till it finishes the force and getting to the desire location(That you set before)
After that is done the arrow down will flash and you will press once on that till it goes down and adjusted force automatically.
That’s it you’re done doing Force on the Opener, if you are Still running issues it’s Time To Call the Garage Door Repair Experts of Superior Garage Door.


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